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Meet Our Staff

Picture 1 Alison Pyle, Early Years Practitioner
Picture 2 Anjali Lockett, Teacher
Picture 3 Amie Lawrence, Early Years Practitioner
Picture 4 Anna Lawrence, Early Years Worker
Picture 5 Brooke Allen, Administrator/Clerk to Governors
Picture 6 Carole Keane, Assistant Head - Under 3s
Picture 7 Claire Fletcher, Teacher
Picture 8 Clare Devonald, SMSA
Picture 9 Clare Reed, Family Services Deputy Manager
Picture 10 Dan Finlan, Forest Support Worker
Picture 11 Deb Gregory,Family Support Worker
Picture 12 Dionne Rice, Early Years Support Worker/SMSA
Picture 13 Elizabeth Carruthers, Executive Head of Centre
Picture 14 Ella Ives, Early Years Worker
Picture 15 Eloise Monelle, Support Worker
Picture 16 Emily Shelton, Early Years Support Worker
Picture 17 Emma Butcher, Teacher, Senco
Picture 18 Fatuma Hussein, Bi Lingual Support Worker
Picture 19 Fian Yabrow, SMSA
Picture 20 Hazel Henderson, Early Years Worker
Picture 21 Hazel Wilcox, Early Years Worker
Picture 22 Helen Payne, Day Care Manager
Picture 23 Huda Saad, SMSA
Picture 24 Hugo Turvey, Teacher/Staff Governor
Picture 25 Jeanette Hill, Associate Head
Picture 26 Jo Ingleby, Chef
Picture 27 Joseph Cooper, Early Years Worker
Picture 28 Lisa Allen, Teacher (Maternity Leave)
Picture 29 Louise Evans, Early Years Worker
Picture 30 Louise Robinson, Early Years Practitioner,Senco
Picture 31 Lyn Shorland, Early Years Practitioner
Picture 32 Marie Roberts, Bursar
Picture 33 Peter Cowell, Early Years Practitioner
Picture 34 Sara Whitting, Early Years Worker
Picture 35 Sarah Appleton, Counsellor
Picture 36 Sharon Hill, Family Services
Picture 37 Sharyn Ayres, Head of Family Services
Picture 38 Shirley Page, Teaching School Co-ordinator
Picture 39 Stephanie Ager, Early Years Practitioner
Picture 40 Sue Cook, Specialist Leader for ITE