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What is a Teaching School?

Teaching schools are outstanding schools that work with others to provide high-quality training and development to new and experienced school staff. They are part of the government’s plan to give schools a central role in raising standards by developing a self-improving and sustainable school-led system.

This encapsulates both our vision and drive to strengthen our own ‘learner centred leadership’ practice. We aim to establish it throughout the Early Years sector, and across all phases of education through equitable pedagogy, capacity building, critical enquiry and cohesive communities.


In 2011 Redcliffe Children's Centre & Nursery School became part of the Bristol Early Years Teaching Consortium (BEYTC) together with St Pauls Nursery School & Children's Centre.


More recently we have been awarded National Teaching School Status.


We are an Outstanding setting with:

- National Early Years Training Centres accreditation (Pen Green)

- Head Teachers who are Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) and National Leaders of Education (NLEs)

- Staff teams which include Advanced Skills Teachers, Specialist Leaders in Education and Network Lead Teachers

- Proven track record of delivering training to leaders and practitioners that makes a difference to ethos and practice


We have a well established track record in all six aspects of Teaching School delivery. We work collaboratively with a wide range of Early Years settings, Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools and other Teaching Schools; Bristol based & beyond. We have well developed partnerships with Bristol Local Authority, Higher Education Institutions and a range of statutory/ voluntary agencies (locally and nationally).


Our work together, as a collaborative partnership, has unequivocal high standards and builds on active research and evidence based practice.  We hold the learner firmly at the heart of all our learning, provide challenges to reflect on and develop emotionally and culturally intelligent leadership at all levels and have great expertise in  narrowing the gap in outcomes  and  achievement for both children and families.

Our specialisms include:


  • Outdoor Learning/ Forest Experiences
  • Early Mathematics
  • Developing Children’s Narrative
  • Supporting Children’s Book Experiences
  • Children’s Food Awareness
  • SEN & Inclusion
  • Leadership at all levels
  • Supervision
  • Coaching
  • Data tracking & assessment
  • Governance
  • Multi-agency Practice
  • Research & reflective practice
  • Learning to learn - Effective Characteristics of Learning
  • Making Learning Visible
  • Narrowing the gap for minority ethnic groups & EAL learners
  • Developing an Emotionally Enabling Environment