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Youth Music Project `Every One A Musician`

“Everyone a Musician” is an exciting new project happening now at Redcliffe Children’s Centre, Bristol, made possible by funding from Youth Music.

Its aim is to promote music within the Centre and community by providing expert training and education, quality performances and a lasting music legacy.

We believe that music is integral to learning and well-being and is the foundation that underpins our beautiful diverse society.  And it all starts with children. By providing them with musical opportunities and skilled tutoring the heart of our city will sing.

On Wednesday 18th October,  the staff inset day focused on music and was titled ;  ' Every one a Musician' .

A strong  element of the day focused on  building staff musical confidence in supporting children's musicality.  The staff were able to try out lots of different musical instruments and practice their singing voices.

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Look out for the exciting events happening at the Centre and within the local community over the next year.

Live Music

Join us next Tuesday 21st November at 9.00am and Thursday 23rd November  at 9.30am for a live music session with Bill on Key Board and Gareth on Saxophone.  They will be playing jazz and ambient music to warm the soul.  All carers and siblings are welcome to attend on either day.

`Everyone A Musician` Join us at the Music Circle

`Everyone A Musician` Join us at the  Music Circle 1